Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Serving the state

What would you do with £400?

A weekend break for you and the missus? A new fridge/freezer? Give it to charity?

I'd probably spend it on a decent acoustic guitar to replace the £10 jumble sale lump I currently own, but I'm frivolous like that.

The thing is, that £400 is money you won't get to spend how you want because it's been earmarked for a different cause. The pension funds of the public sector workers.

In truth, it's not £400 either - it's a lot more than that because that figure is for ALL workers including those already in the public sector. And as public sector workers are paid from tax taken from private sector workers then their contribution to it comes indirectly from the pocket of private sector employees as well - so it's probably nearer £600 for every private sector employee. And, of course, not everyone contributes the same so some will be paying a lot more while some will contribute nothing at all.

All of this is to provide public sector workers with the kind of pension that I could only dream of. They'll be able to retire earlier and live more comfortably than me simply due to the fact that are employed by the non-wealth producing sector of the economy.

It is nothing less than a two-tier system - the sort of thing that the lefties abhor when talking about education or health.

It is elitism - a dirty word amongst liberals when mentioned in conjunction with universities or grammar schools.

Worse still - it is the state rewarding loyal servants.

With all the main parties now committed to increased public sector spending we are effectively living in a one-party state. Just as it mattered not a jot where you put your X in a Soviet election, it matters no more in a British general election. Whoever you vote for will be part of the same liberal-left machine. The party. There is only one now.

Just like in the Soviet Union, we have homes reserved for state workers and privileges set aside for servants of the party. It's only a matter of time before they have their own shops, restaurants and motorway lanes.

We have reached the point where the state no longer serves the people - the people serve the state. We all work for the state now. As Lenin said - the goal of socialism is communism.

Welcome to the party, comrade.

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