Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Very late news

In what must be the latest of "late" news, The Telegraph reports today that the Tories are going to officially renounce support for grammar schools.

The Conservative Party will officially sever links with academic selection in the state sector today, accusing grammar schools of entrenching social advantage.

As far as I can tell, the Tory party gave up on grammar schools around - ooh, must be 1970 - but I suppose 37 years late is better than never. I can also see their point to an extent. After all, I was a kid from a poor working class family who went to grammar school - and I'm still in a poor working class family!! It's kind of ironic that my father, a factory shift worker, was able to afford to buy a home which is well out of my price range - even though I'm a middle manager for a large corporation.

That's not the fault of my grammar school education, though - that's down to the ridiculous amounts of tax the government swipes from my pay packet each month to feed it's welfare state and public sector gravy trains.

Perhaps more interesting still is that this is the first inkling of a policy from Cameron's NuTory party.

Mr Willetts will make it clear in his speech to the CBI that the party is committed to comprehensive education, though it will follow Labour's lead and allow the remaining 165 grammars to stay open.

His policy statement comes more than a year after David Cameron reversed decades of Conservative education policy by ruling out the creation of more grammar schools.

Ah, it's good to see some clear blue water emerging between Labour and Tory policy at last ..... hang on, though. They're the same!

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