Saturday, May 05, 2007

We must give in giving in

An interesting and timely article from Ruth Dudley Edwards in today's Mail ponders the question "Will Britain one day be Muslim?"

As with Mark Steyn, Ms Dudley Edwards focuses on the demographics which clearly points to a situation where Britain - and the rest of Europe - will, eventually, be populated predominantly by Muslims. The main difference between Steyn and Ms Dudley Edwards view is that the extremists have revealed their hand with the events of 7/7 and the recent Cat Litter Conspiracy.

But the violent extremists have provoked some signs of a backlash, not just among the indigenous populations of Europe but among those tolerant immigrants who value the countries that took them in.

Though I agree with Ms Dudley Edwards on many of her points and even agree that the extremists have indeed revealed their real intentions, I don't share her optimism that we are seeing any "backlash" worthy of the name from anyone that matters. Immigration - particularly from Muslim countries - remains unrestrained. Concessions to Muslim demands continue to be given (we even have the police "consulting" with Muslim organisations before making arrests). Mosques continue to open, new schools funded with money from dubious sources and more and more Muslims are openly adopting more Islamic codes of dress (this is becoming particularly apparent in the school my children attend where more and more parents are coming to school in the full Islamic garb - all except for the burkha. As a result, I'm seeing more and more Asian mothers who previously dressed in a western style adopting more Muslim styles).

Until we start to deal with these things we will continue on the path to defeat. We must say stop. We must tell the Muslims in our country one thing - until we see the Muslim countries giving the same rights to Christians and westerners in your countries that you demand in our country there will be NO MORE CONCESSIONS.

Only when there is a Christian cathedral in the heart of Mecca - only then can the Muslims in Britain be allowed to open a new mosque in England.

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Alfred of Wessex said...

How do you spell "racism"?

D E M O G R A P H I C S.

The truth not one of our "constitutional" parties dare mention.

Thankfully, not everyone from this country is quite so weak. See the excellent piece by Michael Yon
on how the British Army is taking the fight to the terrorists who spend their time laying IEDs (improvised explosive devices) around Basra to blow up our troops.

Now if only we could persuade the French to do an exchange - Sarkozy for Cameron - we might stand a chance.