Thursday, June 14, 2007

BBC and that famous "balance"

Listening to the BBC News this lunchtime, I couldn't help wondering what happened to that "impartiality" and "balance" which the BBC supposedly considers so important and which it seems to pride itself on.

The BBC's clear bias was exposed when they ran a story about the report linking immigration to potential problems in British towns. The BBC visited three areas; my home town, Slough, the Lake District and Inverness where they made every effort to portray immigration as only being beneficial - with just a small reference to problems with housing and education, brushing them aside as if they were trivial.

There was no "balance" and no "impartiality". This was blatant propagandising designed to fob off the report as scaremongering while pushing the liberal left view that immigrants are great news for Britain. Well, this may come as a shock to the progressive liberal establishment that the BBC represents (the only community that is represented by it), but for those of us who live in high immigrant areas know the problems it brings. Problems for our employment, housing and our kids education.

The BBC was once a British institution to be proud of. During the second world war it broadcast messages of hope to occupied Europe - as well as secret coded messages to agents of Britain and the resistance movements. These days it would be more likely to send warnings to our enemies and condemnations of our nation.

It is sick.


Cassandrina said...

Hey Ho,
BBC are now back to their old tricks now that new leader and new BBC Messiah GBH will be in power.
Expect far more bias and that all our problems (sorry challenges), will be solved by the NEW leader Brave Gordo.

mexicano said...

Where have you been? The BBC has been like this since it's inception - apart from a short break during the war years. Churchill, for example, was not allowed to appear on the then BBC for a full 28 months in the run-up to WWII, lest the people learned about the upcoming conflagration he wished to warn them about. Not much has changed since then.