Tuesday, July 10, 2007

None so deaf

Now that the 21/7 bombers have been found guilty we can finally lay to rest the last of the great immigration myths.

The recent attacks in London and Glasgow demonstrated that skilled immigrants encouraged to come to Britain with the guarantee of well paid jobs may turn to terrorism. We know from the 7/7 bombers that the children of immigrants who purport to be British may turn to terrorism and now, with the conviction of this sorry bunch, we now know that people who claim to come to Britain for a "safe haven" may want to turn that haven into a ravaged nation not dissimilar to that which they supposedly fled.

Whatever their background, however they came to be here and regardless of their prospects there is a distinct possibility that immigrants or their progeny will try to kill British people. The likelihood is that there may be thousands - maybe even tens of thousands - of Muslim immigrants and their British born children in Britain today who are prepared to undertake similar actions.

Still think Enoch Powell was wrong?

Until they begin to listen there is no hope that they will understand.

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