Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Persecuting the masses

I understand that Hizzoner the Mayor of London is intending to introduce on the spot fines of £120 for drivers who wander into cycle lanes. As usual, this will be tracked by the multitude of spy cameras that proliferate around our capital city.

OK - fair's fair. If drivers are to be fined for using the roads their taxes pay for then let's make cyclists pay for their cycle lanes. First of all they will all require a registration - a nice big ugly number plate attached to the back end of their bike. Then they can all start paying the bicycle road fund licence - say £30 a year? No, no - let's make it £50. Of course, all bicycles will have to be inspected to ensure they are fit for the road once every year - let's call it £25. Like other road users they should be required to have insurance which, for London would cost about £1000 a year.

Once all that is in place we can then start handing out arbitrary fines for cyclists who flout the law - and there are plenty of them. Riding on the pavement - £150. Riding outside a cycle lane when one is available - £120. Failing to give way at junctions - £120.

Of course it's daft, but not nearly as daft as fining people for using the roads that they pay for. It's time this government and it's various offshoots stopped persecuting the drivers of Britain. They are not habitual criminals. They are not cash cows. They are just the ordinary people trying to go about their daily business in a country in which it is increasingly hard to do so.

The liberal progressives love to bang their drum about "discrimination" and yet there is nothing they like more than to discrimnate and persecute your average Briton - the white, middle England male.

Leave them alone.

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