Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tory dissent is UKIP's opportunity

The news that a number of Conservative MP's have called for a no confidence vote on leader David Cameron should have Nigel Farage reaching for his telephone.

If UKIP is serious about making inroads into Conservative territory - a territory which they have virtually deserted in recent months - then the best way they can demonstrate that intent is by convincing some of those dissenting MP's to defect to UKIP.

It only takes one to get the ball rolling. Once they have an insider in the House Of Commons who is close to the action and close to the other MP's who are unhappy with the direction Cameron has taken the Tory party it will be easier to convince others to follow but the history of UKIP is blighted with in-fighting and power-struggles and the arrival of a sitting MP, even a minor back-bencher, will inevitably put their structure to the test again.

This is a big chance for UKIP - I'm not convinced they are up to it.

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