Monday, July 02, 2007

A wake up call - but is anybody listening?

I've been holding back on commenting on the attacks against Britain this weekend for a reason.

It seemed to me that the police and media were quick of the mark in blaming the attacks on "international terrorists". Given the fact that the 7/7 and 21/7 bombers were all "home-grown" terrorists, this seemed an extraordinary supposition - unless they knew otherwise. So I decided to wait until they revealed what they knew about the mad scum that attempted to massacre our people before adding my two penneth worth.

First of all, it is clear that we have had a very narrow escape. Despite the BBC claims that the police had "averted carnage", it was apparent that we only escaped death and destruction on a grand scale by significant strokes of luck. It was lucky that the two London bombs failed to detonate. It was lucky that a vigilant ambulance crew spotted the dodgy vehicle. It was lucky that the crew who towed the second car away didn't trigger an explosion. It was lucky that the gas cylinders in the car rammed into Glasgow airport's terminal didn't explode. Without that remarkable sequence of luck we would be reading much grimmer headlines this morning.

Back to the "international terrorists", though. The news this morning has claimed that two of the arrested terrorists were doctors - one of them Jordanian. Presumably they came to Britain legally - though who knows if they are really who they say they are. Another one is said to be an "asylum seeker". Presumably he didn't.

However they got here, whatever their reason for coming the simple fact is that our open borders have allowed them to come into our country unchallenged with the intention to wreak havoc and death upon Britain.

The new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, tells us that the first duty of a government is to protect it's people. Quite right, Gordon - but for a decade as Chancellor you have presided over repeated cuts in the defence budget that weakens our ability to defend ourselves or to police our borders.

Not that policing our borders was ever a policy of this Nu-Labour government. Gordon Brown has openly collaborated in the open border administration that has allowed these people to sneak into our country. Can anyone know how many more terrorists are walking among us from the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that this government has allowed to swarm into the country. If it is merely in the hundreds we will have been lucky - much more likely is thousands. Does anyone know how many of the estimated 2 million Muslims in this country are also walking time bombs? If the polls are correct, again this is likely to be thousands.

As Gordon Brown is telling us that the first duty of the government is to protect the people his ideology - the ideology of the liberal progressives - has allowed an enemy army to land upon our shores and infiltrate our nation. With the information we now have, it is ludicrous to allow our borders to remain so porous - but will he do anything about it. Not likely.

If the first duty of the government is to protect the people - which it is - then the first action of Gordon Brown should be to close the borders tight, Regardless of what the EU say. It's a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, I know, but it still needs to be done. Will Gordon Brown do it?

No. He won't because he can't - he is a liberal progressive. One of these days, these liberals will wake up to find that we haven't been so lucky this time and dozens - maybe hundreds of British people will be dead. All thanks to their ridiculous belief in open borders, unrestricted immigration and that "immigration is good, brings huge benefits".

The blood of British people will be on their hands.

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