Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wind of change

It's nice to see George Monbiot, the Guardian's moral outrage correspondent, finally come clean about "global warming".

It wasn't meant to happen like this. The climate scientists told us that our winters would become wetter and our summers drier. So I can't claim that these floods were caused by climate change, or are even consistent with the models.

Straight from the horses mouth. The scientist are wrong, the models are wrong, the predictions are wrong and the AGW crowd don't have a clue. So, after decades of telling us that our CO2 emissions are heating up the planet and will lead to runaway warming, Monbiot now decides that it's more likely to get chilly.

But, like the ghost of Christmas yet to come, they offer us a glimpse of the possible winter world that we will inhabit if we don't sort ourselves out.

A winter world? So now our rising CO2 is going to make it colder, not warmer then? I wonder if this sudden change in tack has anything to do with the fact that the next two solar cycles are predicted to see extraordinary low levels of activity leading to the possibility of a minimum to match the Maunder minimum of the Little Ice Age.

And, realising that this will make the AGW crowd look very silly indeed, Monbiot is trying to now make it sound like this predicted drop in global temperatures is something they were warning us all along.

It wasn't. Their theory says - and the IPCC say - that rising CO2 will lead to rising temperature.

Monbiot's credentials as a scientist are starting to look increasingly weak. It seems his only real connection to the climate is his ability to flap about like a flag in a breeze.

Incidentally, the rest of his article is just the usual leftist socialist crap beating up on the wealthy. Read it if you want - it's garbage.

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Anonymous said...

BBC digital text is running a story for about a week now on page 154 about how increased amounts of CO2 are causing it to get wetter

great, so all we got to do to solve the water shortage in africa is keep a car engine running in the Desert