Friday, August 03, 2007

Ignoring the solution to Heathrow's problems

I've never understood why it is that politicians seem to think that airports - and the continued expansion of them are so crucial to our economy. Very little freight comes in through airports and passengers use them because they happen to be where they want to go. A businessman with an appointment in London isn't going to fly into Hamburg.

Heathrow airport, in particular, has been a hell hole of an airport for as long as I can remember, but with today's news that MPs want "urgent action on Heathrow" to relieve the long queues and delays why doesn't someone ask the simple question - what is the cause of the delays?

The long queues at Heathrow could be virtually eliminated tomorrow if the MPs really wanted to. All they have to do is introduce racial profiling instead of searching every single passenger - but being the liberal progressives they are they won't do that as it is "discriminatory" - ignoring the fact that discriminating between those who want to bomb and kill us and those who do not is exactly what they ought to do.

They argue that targeting Muslims as potential bombers would alienate the majority of the moderate Muslims who live in or visit this country - but seeing how 1 in 11 Muslims living here "proactively" support terrorism it's hard to see how that could get worse. Incidentally, proactive in the parlance of my work means taking active steps - not just passively supporting, but actually helping.

Perhaps a bit of discrimination is what they need to wake those "moderate" Muslims up from their self-denial. If they were the ones who were actually suffering inconvenience on a day to day basis, perhaps they might make more effort to root out the 100,000 plus active supporters of terrorism that lurks amongst them.

If you're on the look out for potential terrorists at airports it makes little sense to target the group of white mums, dads and kids on their way home from Majorca, but it makes a lot of sense to target the plane load of Muslims returning from Pakistan.

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Henry North London said...

They need to loosen up on the water restrictions. Its a travesty because all those confiscated items end up on Ebay being sold.