Friday, September 07, 2007

Moral inversion

I caught a snippet on the BBC breakfast programme this morning of the Queen of Leftism, Polly Toynbee, pontificating on the news that 83% of the population believe the nation is in moral decline.

Not true, according to the First Lady of Liberalism. Things are better now than ever she reckons, it's just that we always think things are worse thanks to the rose tinted goggles we use to look back to the past.

As an example of how much less rude we all are, the Dame of Denial cited how much less rude we are to ethnic minorities than we used to be. OK, leaving aside that quite a few people from ethnic minorities are pretty rude about the natives - even going to the extent of trying to blow them to smithereens for daring to go about their daily routines - it's a remarkable premise to suggest that because we are less rude to 8% of the population it does not matter that the other 92% are rude to one another and that things are in fact "better".

It's also quite likely that, although people are not so likely to be rude to the face of someone from an ethnic group it is only because to do so would risk arrest and prosecution. Whether they remain polite about non-white people in the privacy of their own home or in the company of close friends is something I would personally doubt.

The Mother of Moral Relativism then turned her attention - for some reason, as it was not part of the discussion which was about manners and politeness - to the subject of violence, claiming that violence is actually less prevalent now than it used to be! Really? Tell that to Rhys Jones mother, Polly.

What she was actually referring to, without actually saying it, was the myth of domestic violence and the feminist liberal lie that most men used to beat their wives black and blue as a matter of routine. A myth deliberately constructed by the feminist movement for the simple purpose of portraying men as monsters.

After all that, the clearest picture to emerge from the discussion was how much the liberal left, the BBC and the Guardianistas are out of touch with society. When 83% of people say something and the best the BBC and the left can do is close their eyes, cover their ears and yell "nyah, nyah! Can't hear you!!!!" then you know that their ideology is a complete shambles.


Henry North London said...

Polly hasnt read the Daily wail where Colin Read was given a £2000 fine for scarring his soon to be ex wife with an iron such that the steam holes on her back will be with her forever?

It was on Devils Kitchen

That was between two Cambridge graduates for pete's sake

Henry North London said...

Sorry I mean here there are several blog entries and Ive forgotten where I read it

It may even be on Roger Thornhill

mexicano said...

You might have added that anyone perceived to be rude to certain ethnic minorities will almost certainly end up in hospital with a knife in his or her chest.

Stan said...

Not sure what point you are making, Henry - but if it's that domestic does exist then I'mnot disagreeing. What I do disagree with is that domestic violence is as prevalent and routine as the feminists imply it is - and have been implying since the 1960's.

It is not.

Domestic violence - from either party - is inexcusable and I have no time for anyone who tries to make excuses for it (which the left seem to do for the Muslim propensity for violence towards their spouses), but over the last 40 years there has been a campaign to demonise men which has been very effect.

Some years ago, my cousin divorced from her husband citing domestic violence. We were all shocked as he was such a mild mannered man. It was only a few years ago when I bumped into him for the first time since the divorce that he told me what happened. He came home from work early to find my cousin in a rage thrashing their 8 year old son - he pulled her off, slapped her once and that was it.

His son refused to speak against his mother and he refused to force him to - so he was branded a wife beater and my cousin a victim.

Their son committed suicide on his 15th birthday.

I realise it is only anecdotal, but it is just an example of how things can get confused and twisted in domestic situations - and things have got worse with the way the police now treat domestic violence with the emphasis so heavily weighted in fvour of the woman.

Henry North London said...

Oh on that I wholeheartedly agree

If you have time to email me I shall tell you why I am an exdoctor

Women treat men these days like dirt

Serious dirt

If you even raise your voice at them you are shouting and abusive even if you are in the right

William Gruff said...

They can do so only because men allow it.

I do not.