Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why the surprise?

The Tories announce their long awaited policies at their conference - both policies at the same time, what were they thinking flooding us like this? - and lo and behold, a few days later, the new Chancellor announces the same policies in his pre-budget report.

And everyone is surprised?

Why? Why is anyone surprised?

When are the people of Britain going to realise that there is NO difference between Tories, Labour or Lib Dems. They all stand for the same thing, the same "principles" and the same objectives.

They all agree on how to achieve these objectives, what needs to be done to achieve them and when to do it. There isn't a fag paper between them. They all say the same things in the same way in the same tone of voice - oozing false sincerity and fake concern.

Only the faces are different.


Henry North London said...

Same shit different author Its been the case for years yet the public is conned into thinking they actually have a choice.

Its a shame really we support free elections in the rest of the world but we administer a fascist/communist one party state masquerading as a three party system here

Stan said...

I agree totally, Henry. In a way, this is expected though, because of the nonsense behind the idea of "consensus" politics.

It's less than 20 years since conservatism triumphed over the evil of socialism and ended The Cold War with the symbolic tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

And yet, in less than that time (it actually took about 5 years) we have completely forgotten the lessons learned from The Cold War and have adopted a mirror image of the political system of those regimes we defeated!

How crazy it that?

Henry North London said...

Very crazy...

Anonymous said...

stan you've not been blogging for a bit...are u ok? I miss the sunday drive cars

Anonymous said...

Stan are you based in Slough, if so contatct me,maybe we could meet up for a chat

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