Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"The government doesn't have much spare cash"

So said the BBC's "political" correspondent, Rita Chakrabarti, on Breakfast this morning. The government doesn't have ANY spare cash - it has no cash at all.

It is OUR money - money which the government takes from us as tax under a contract for them to provide essential services which we stipulate as being a necessity for the preservation of our freedom, status and way of life.

The government - successive governments, but none more so than this current administration - broke that contract long ago when they decided that what WE considered necessary was no longer what THEY considered as essential.

But for the BBC to pretend that the money the Chancellor plays around with in the budget is somehow theirs by right really makes my blood boil. Of course, the BBC, being a principally left wing liberal institution, doesn't see it that way. Public money - to them - is THEIR money. That is what they use to produce their liberal propaganda day in day out, unchallenged, unthinking and unrepentant.

To the BBC and the rest of the liberal left elite taxation is not a contract between state and people but the RIGHT to extort cash from the working masses of the private sector to fund the indolent, frivolous behaviour of the leeches of the left - which the BBC is the prime example of.

To the BBC, our money is government money and, therefore, THEIR money. What else would one expect from an institution which relies on taxation for it's existence?

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thud said...

Wrong or not...I try to retain as much of my income as possible...vat etc relieves me of enough as it is.Never has a country been so heavily taxed for so little good.