Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The nutty professors

The teaching profession has been busy this last week reiterating it's position through the NUT of being anti-British, anti-Christian and anti-conservative.

In the past week the NUT conference has issued a number of edicts that reveal the true nature of modern teachers who are less concerned with educating children and more interested in indoctrinating them with their left-wing liberal viewpoint.

They began by issuing a 10% wage increase for a profession which is - outside of London - already well paid and threatening a strike if their demands aren't met.

This was followed by stating their preference for a return to the liberal teaching methods that were tried out in the 80's and found to be useless - leading to a generation of illiterates - and rejecting the tried and trusted teaching methods which actually work, but don't suit the liberal-left belief of indoctrination before education.

They told us that faith schools are the cause of the breakdown of social cohesion and demanded that we get rid of them - even though faith schools have been around for generations without any breakdown in social cohesion. Of course, they ignored the elephant in the room - multiculturalism - which is the real reason for fractured and broken societies.

And now they want to ban army recruitment in schools as they claim it is promoting "propaganda" - which is odd seeing how they have no problem with the promoting  the propaganda of the EU, anthropogenic global warming, the liberal left and multiculturalism.

The education system was the first area that the left wing infiltrated and will be the hardest to reform. They are institutionally left wing, biased, bigoted and irredeemably judgemental. They gave up the notion of education a long, long time ago and have no desire to return to the days where their job was to teach children facts and skills required for life. Their only interest is to turn out liberal left robots entrapped by the system and thus  incapable of offering dissent to the liberal left world view.

The first job of any real conservative government must be to dismantle the whole education establishment and implement a root and branch reform. Until that is achieved we will continue to fail our children and our nation.


marvin said...

Young people in these deprived areas have many life options open to them, such as drugs and gun crime. Why should they be taken off the streets, fed, clothed, given shelter and a stable wage, and taught discipline all in the name of the neo-con-zionist war? Doesn't make sense!

Stan said...

They also have the choice of going to school and often as not choose not to.

Nice of you to admit that drugs and crime are indeed choices - that means those who get involved in these things aren't the "victims" that loony lefties like yourself usually like to portray them as.

And making the link from leftish teachers to "zionism" reveals your anti-semitic side too.

It's all the fault of those damn Jews eh?