Monday, April 14, 2008

Anthropogenic Global Warming: The new socialism - same results

Although it's not been high profile, there have been a number of news items recently about rising food prices and the potential impact of these. Of course, to anyone who shops regularly this will come as no surprise as we have all seen the way food prices have shot up in recent months. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if the inflation rate was based on things we need to buy and buy regularly rather than being distorted by ridiculous items such as DVD's and mobile phones then the government would not be able to cover up the fact that inflation is running at at least double what it claims and - in the case of food - possible more than triple the current official rate of inflation.

What is less well known though is that the rise in food prices is not entirely down to rising and record oil prices - but due to the fact that there is a global shortage of food staples such as rice and wheat. Partly this is caused by increased demand, but the biggest cause of the problem is global warming alarmism.

Yep, the scaremongers have caused a world food shortage which organisations such as the IMF say will lead to hundreds of thousands of people being at risk of starvation.

Of course, the Environazis will deny this.  They will claim that food shortages are a result of the global warming they warned us about - except that there has been no global warming for 10 years and the global temperature is actually in decline with the forecast for this year set to wipe out ALL the warming that was supposedly caused by man in the 20th century. They will tell you that the food shortages are caused by extreme weather conditions caused by global warming, but we've always had extreme weather conditions from time to time and this is nothing new.

There is even evidence (real evidence - not that produced by a model) that food prices are linked to sunspot activity. Indeed, one of Slough's most famous residents (its only famous resident?), Sir William Herschel noted the link between sunspots and food prices in 1801 -  and the current rise in food prices comes at a time of very little sunspot activity as solar cycle 23 drags on beyond all predictions and solar cycle 24 continues to refuse to get going.

What is new is that, thanks to the scaremongers of the AGW brigade, millions of acres of land previously used for food production has been turned over to producing the raw material of biofuels - often encouraged by governments in thrall to the AGW NGO protagonists (governments such as ours, the EU). Less land for food production means, inevitably, less food.

The reason why millions of people will be at risk of starvation in the coming years - and why possibly hundreds of thousands may die -  is not because of climate change caused by man, but because of the socialist led AGW bandwagon. Yep - just as they killed millions in the 20th century with their perverted ideology, the left are living up to their reputation and are set to kill millions more in the 21st century.

Remember this when someone tells you that religion causes war - because socialism, in its old form and now in its new shape of the pseudo religion of anthropogenic climate change, has caused more deaths than any other idea in the history of mankind.

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Dark_Heretic said...

I could cry I'm so happy. For years I've stood by my convictions and denounced the religion that is Global warming.

For years I've been laughed at or simply shunned by people subservient to the new religion.

Now finally other people are saying that global warming isn't happening and anything the government does to combat it makes things worse for EVERYONE.

Maybe now I can start selling climate change denier wares and get the true message out there