Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When law is made for the benefit of government, the nation is no longer free

A story from yesterday just about summed up what Britain has become. A man was prosecuted and now has a criminal record because his bin lid was 4" ajar. He was prosecuted because he refused - quite rightly, in my opinion - to pay a £110 fine when a pair of enforcers turned up at his door with "photographic evidence" of his "crime".  The council in question only collect the rubbish every fortnight instead of every week. So it is the council's fault in the first place that there was too  much rubbish!

No doubt some people will think that it serves him right - he broke the law right?  But hang on - since when did it become illegal to put your rubbish in your rubbish bin? What else is one supposed to do with it? Put it in someone else's bin? Nope - that's illegal too. So should you stick it in one of the public bins? Assuming you can find one that hasn't been turned into a lump of charred plastic by vandals and isn't already filled to overflowing because the council would far rather employ a team of snoopers checking out what we put in our bins than bother with the tiresome task of emptying bins!

Presumably the only alternative was to take the excess rubbish to a council tip and chuck it in one of their skips. So what would that achieve? It's still the same rubbish and it's still going to end up in the same place as it would have if he'd just chucked in his bin. So what does this "law" - and the obsessive enforcing of it - actually achieve?

Sweet fanny adams. For us.

All it does is criminalise someone for doing what they are supposed to do - put their rubbish in the bin provided for disposal by the council. it does nothing to help the environment - which is what they will claim it is supposed to do - the rubbish still has to be disposed of somehow whether it is taken from outside his house or from a public bin or from a council tip. It is still going to end up in the same place.

But the point of this law is not to help the people in anyway - it is there to enable government to exercise its authority over us. That is the whole point.

What this story does tell us is that Britain is now a place where the government are no longer our servants - we are theirs. The national contract between the people and the state has been broken again and again by the ruling class who now see us as objects to be dictated to - ruled over. The contract between people and state was one that we agreed to give them a degree of authority and the right to raise money for taxation in return for performing certain tasks - one of which was to collect the rubbish and dispose of it. The authority we gave them gave them the right to make laws for OUR benefit. This is no longer what they do. Instead they make laws for THEIR benefit. Laws to enable them to exert more authority over us. Laws to dictate their will to us. Laws to suit them - the ruling class.

When a nation has reached the point where laws are drafted to empower the state over the people then that nation is no longer a free nation. The fig leaf of democracy can not hide the truth that we are being enslaved - forced to work for the state against our will and with the threat of fine and forfeiture which is contrary to the English Bill of Rights - our constitutional rights.

The simple fact is that we are now well advanced on the road to serfdom as Hayek once warned us. Socialism has many routes - but only one destination.

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Anonymous said...

hi great blog btw,

This government has seen the book "1984" not as a warning but as a handbook on how to take total control.

If you are a criminal you will be given chance after chance before you get a criminal recored.
If however you are a law abiding person and make a trivial mistake you are guilty as charged!!!

How I weep for this once great country bought down by PC,Human rights and Politicians of all parties.:-(