Monday, May 19, 2008

Dave's dangerous balancing act

The Daily Telegraph seems to be increasingly desperate to believe that the Conservatives under Cameron are still, well, conservative. At least that is the case if this latest piece is anything to go by.

Setting out his strategy for cutting taxes in detail for the first time, the Tory leader will pledge to get tough on those who are a drain on the welfare state; introduce more competition into the public services and cut excessive bureaucracy.

So Mr. Cameron is going to set out a "strategy" for cutting taxes is he? I wonder how that strategy fits in with Cameron's previous pledge to stick to this current government's spending plans if he is elected? I can't wait to see the "detail" of his tax cuts.

The speech, which represents Mr Cameron's clearest commitment yet to delivering tax cuts if elected, comes with the Tories on course for their first gain from Labour in a by-election for more than 30 years.

Reading through what they say Cameron is expected to say it sounds more like a promise not to increase taxes rather than cut them - no doubt they will claim that is tax cutting in "real terms" ..... whatever that means!!!

Cameron isn't promising anything. Nor is he giving specific details. All he is doing is talking - as he always does - in vague generalisations. A promise to cut bureaucracy is meaningless unless you actually have the power to do that - and we don't as the vast majority of the bureaucracy imposed on us comes from the foreign government across the water in Brussels.

Cameron accuses the government of "reckless spending", but has promised to match their spending. Make your mind up Dave! He promises to introduce more competition into public services and yet cut bureaucracy - but if you create more competition in public services you will inevitably create more bureaucracy to administer it.

The odd thing is that we've heard all this before from someone else who was equally adept at avoiding saying anything specific - Tony Blair.

Cameron is playing a very dangerous game of trying to keep the real conservatives on side while trying to appeal to the liberal left of the mass media who ultimately have the final influence on which way voters vote. Eventually, Dave, you are going to be found out by one side or the other.

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