Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hey lefties! Leave the kids alone!

The left wing think thank, IPPR, has published a report once more calling to end the long summer holidays.

As is the norm with these sorts of things, they are claiming that it is in the interests of the children to reduce the long summer break from 6 weeks to 4. They come out with the usual load of sociological bullshit and doublespeak, but the real reason only comes out later in the BBC report. It is, however, the usual reason.

The IPPR said the change could help parents who find it difficult to keep children occupied during the six-week summer break.

What that means, is that they think it will make it easier for both parents to work. It has nothing to do with the children.

Look, how many of us don't remember those long summer holidays we enjoyed as children with fondness? Not many of us - and those that don't are usually the ones who had working parents and spent their summer farmed out to various third parties while mum and dad went to work each day.

What gives anybody of this generation the right to take away from future generations something which we, as children, almost universally enjoyed and looked forward to? It's not just wrong - it is selfish and thoughtless.

Leave the summer holidays alone. If parents want to work let them find a way to cope with the break, but DO NOT penalise the kids just so that those parents can pursue their own selfish self-interests.

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