Monday, May 26, 2008

Mr Bean rides to the rescue

There have been various reports that David Miliband - the Mr Bean of British politics - is planning a challenge to Gordon Brown for leadership of the New Labour project - and with it the Premiership of Britain.

I find it quite ironic that, with Labour supporters claiming that Gordon Brown isn't making it clear where Labour is going, the person they are looking to turn to is another empty vessel when it comes to firm policies and beliefs. Just like Tony Blair and David Cameron!

Of course, the main reason is that David Miliband - like Blair and Cameron - is photogenic, while Brown isn't. He looks new, shiny and inoffensive and he's good at talking without saying anything specific - another characteristic he shares with Blair and Cameron.

Underneath it all, though, Miliband is still the closet commie he always was and he is very much a supporter of the cultural Marxism which has been used over the years to quietly advance the discredited cause of Marxism in Britain.

The problem for Brown is that he was, is and will always be Old Labour. An old school socialist who can not hide that fact. He talks like one and he looks like one - something which doesn't suit the New Labour project.

The media are keen to support Miliband's putsch because the media, in the main, are also left wing and cultural Marxists. The biggest concern for them is not that Cameron might win the next election - hell no! He's just a New Labour man with a blue tie. The biggest worry is that Brown might win and he isn't New Labour. So they want him out and one of their own in - and Miliband is one of their own. Like Blair and like Cameron.

Having an election between a Conservative party led by Cameron and a Labour party led by Miliband gives the cultural Marxists a win/win situation. All options are covered. The only fly in the ointment is Brown who still retains some (not much) of the social conservatism of Old Labour.

The last thing the MSM want is Brown to spoil their plans.

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