Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Repeating the unsayable again and again

Bronwen Maddox in today's Times online has a vomit inducing puff piece for the ridiculous Jimmy Carter. In an article entitled "Jimmy Carter is right to say the unsayable" she goes on to say how Jimmy Carter has just reiterated what every left wing liberal progressive fruit bat has been saying about Israel for decades - that the Middle East conflict is all their fault.

I don't know why she thinks that is so unsayable - the left have been saying it ever since Israel took it's first tentative steps in 1948 - but Bronwen Maddox has a talent for selective memory.

On the basis of Carter’s speeches in Britain this week, many Europeans would embrace the 83-year-old former President as their ideal occupant of the White House.

Er, no - on the basis of his record most of us would embrace Carter with a strait jacket.

Maddox goes on to say that electoral victory somehow gives legitimacy to the concept of the destruction of a sovereign state.

“We must not negotiate with a terrorist group intent on Israel’s destruction,” Obama said after Carter’s Hamas trip, skating round the fact of Hamas’s legitimacy, through electoral success, and its senior roles in Palestinian government.

Right on, Bronwen! If only we'd thought of that during Hitler's time! Oh, we did - and it didn't work. Shucks - still, maybe it will work this time, eh? After all, the Nazis were a crazy ideological bunch intent on the destruction of the Jews while Iran and Hamas are ..... damn.

Finally, having made several references to South Africa's apartheid regime during her Carter idolatry, Maddox misses the biggest point about South Africa.

Although no one has the answer to Hamas, or Iran, Carter is entirely right to point out that they are not going away, and that the tactic of shunning them has not worked.

Funny how the "tactic of shunning" worked fine for South Africa, but has no effect on Hamas or Iran. Anyone want to guess why? (Clue: millions of dollars in aid every year from the EU and South Africa had no oil)

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