Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A rude awakening

A Scottish Labour MP finally finds out what sort of world her liberal left policies have created for the majority of people in Britain.

Ms Moffat said she was mugged by a gang of drunken youths and left with broken ribs while jogging near her home, in Cockenzie, East Lothian.

Yep - that's what trying to turn Britain into a cafe society has done, pet - drunken youths everywhere. Ms Moffat also found out that it's not simply a case of avoiding eye contact and ignoring the intimidating presence of these groups.

She went on: "I veered to the side away from them and put my head down. The only thing I noticed was one of them was wearing a Celtic top.

"The next thing I knew, they were all jostling about and I don't know if I was pushed or tripped or how it happened but I went down and I knocked my head on a boulder or a stone of some sort and I was knocked out."

Now she knows how the rest of us feel about those "misunderstood yoof" - though most of us have learned that you can't just walk or run past them. The best thing to do is turn away or cross to the other side. For many people the only option to avoid having to go past such groups is to barricade themselves in their homes. The only reason idiots like Cameron can contemplate "hugging" them is that he is invariably accompanied by several burly minders and an armed police guard. Funny, but we don't have that option - the police won't lift a finger to help us.

And Ms Moffat's opinion on her attackers?

"These people are just scum. Just nasty, horrible people getting fired up with drink and drugs and not realising what they're doing to people's lives"

Funny, that's what most of us think about liberals.

Hat tip: House Of Dumb

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