Thursday, May 29, 2008

What did they expect?

A British couple who conceived twin girls through IVF in India before returning to England for the birth have abandoned them at hospital because they wanted boys.

British eh?

The parents were born in India but are British citizens living in Birmingham.

The mother aged 59 and father, 72, conceived in India with fertility treatment and returned to England for the birth.

They told horrified medics they did not want the "wrong sex" babies immediately after the Caesarean section in Wolverhampton.

An NHS insider was reported to have said: "Everyone is utterly appalled. How could any parent do this?

"This is Britain in the 21st century."

Exactly! And Britain in the 21st century is a multicultural sink hole where Christian values that were once held in high regard have been replaced by anything goes nihilism. This is what liberals wanted - why do they complain now they've got it?

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