Thursday, June 12, 2008

R.E. Islamic style

Another insight into the RoP.

The parents of a blind seven-year-old who was sent to a religious school in Pakistan have told how he was hung by his feet from a ceiling and beaten to death after failing to memorise the Koran.

Police said Ziauddin, whose title "Qari" signifies he is a mullah, had suspended the boy from a ceiling fan for an hour before he beat him.

An autopsy concluded that Mohammed, who was blind from birth, died of severe head injuries and also found marks of "physical torture" on his body.

According to the boy's father, the teacher had previously smashed him over the head with an iron rod, cutting him so badly that he needed stitches.

"We got the boy treated and wanted to pull him out of the madrassah but we decided to readmit him after the teacher said he would show some mercy to the boy," Mohammed's father Fayyaz Ahmed, 35, said.

Investigators said Ziauddin had admitted the assault and claimed such brutality was normal. "We punish students who don't learn their lessons," he told detectives. "We used to get similar beatings when we were studying in the same schools. It is not uncommon."

Such brutality is "normal"? Words fail me.

How much longer are we going to go on tolerating this barbaric "religion"?

Hat Tip: Central News

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