Monday, June 23, 2008

The right must stop giving in to racists

The ability of the left to work themselves up into a lather over "racism" is well known - and explains why certain self-important people of ethnic origin will drop the race card at any opportunity.

So it comes as no surprise to learn that one of Boris Johnson's advisors has been forced to quit in a "race row" sparked by comments made to a reporter.

Reporter Marc Wadsworth said that Mr McGrath made the comments to him when he pointed out a critical piece in a newspaper during Mr Johnson's election campaign.

In his online article he writes: "I pointed out to him a critical comment of Voice columnist Darcus Howe that the election of 'Boris Johnson, a right-wing Conservative, might just trigger off a mass exodus of older Caribbean migrants back to our homelands'.

Would that be Voice - the online magazine by black people for black people? Hmmmm - no racism there.

And would that be Marc Wadsworth, editor of Blaqsport, managing editor of Black Media Journal. Lecturer in law for journalists at Black Media Institute? Imagine the cries of racism if you or I tried to set up a "White Media Journal" or "White Media Institute".

I digress. So what was it that Mr McGrath said that was so racist?

"He retorted: 'Well, let them go if they don't like it here.'"

And that's it. Let's be blunt about this - the actual suggestion that people might leave was not made by Mr McGrath, but by Darcus Howe who said they might go back to "our homelands".

All McGrath did was express the view that if that is what they want then good luck to them.

Why not? Ever year while Livingstone was mayor thousands of white people left their homelands in London either to go to other parts of the UK or to leave the country altogether. That didn't seem to bother anyone - on the contrary, Livingstone thought it was a good thing to encourage "diversity" even if it meant destroying what people regarded as their homeland - but any suggestion that blacks might follow suit is "racist".

And let us not forget a similar situation when Livingstone was personally involved and suspended in a "race row" with a Jewish journalist. Did Livingstone resign? Did he even apologise? Of course not!

That's the trouble with the right wing - they are too easily cowed by slurs of racism by people who are themselves inherently racist.

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