Thursday, July 31, 2008

35% price hike for gas? Blame the greenies

The 35% price hike by British Gas has got the socialists hot under the collar as usual. If only we could find a way to use this heat created by fulminating watermelons we'd have no need for gas - but while they are moaning about the "obscene" profits of these energy companies they might like to consider the fact that the main cause of the price hike and why it matters so much is that stupid, short-sighted, ignorant socialists masquerading as eco-friendly environment lovers operating at all levels of society from grungy protesters to senior cabinet ministers are the ones who have set this country up to be held hostage to foreign gas, oil and energy supplies while our own resources go unused underground.

There is a delicious irony to the fact that British Gas announce this price rise just as a bunch of fools are about to set up a "climate camp" outside the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station - a station which supplies 1.5 million homes with electricity (half million more than E-On can supply across the whole UK from its renewable development portfolio).

These protesters are threatening to shut down Kingsnorth - permanently - completely disregarding the need of those 1.5 million homes that rely on it for their electricity supply. Though I have no problem with anyone demonstrating peacefully, I believe that an overt threat to shutdown a power station "permanently" is sufficient to question the motivation of this "climate camp". With such a threat in place, anyone found trespassing on Kingsnorth property should be prosecuted under the full power of anti-terrorist legislation including long prison sentences.

I also think that the names of every protester at this camp should be taken and their access to energy removed. This is what they are seeking for the 1.5 million homes that rely on Kingsnorth - it is only fair that they should accept the same for themselves.

But most of all, they should realise that the reason more and more people are finding themselves in fuel poverty is the simple fact that the protestations of socialists in green hats have ensured that a cheap, plentiful resource of our own - coal - has been marginalised and led to our reliance on the supply of foreign controlled gas and oil which is not only much more expensive than coal, but in considerably shorter supply.

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