Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Government confirms that immigration is damaging the nation

From the beeb.

Rapid immigration has damaged community relations in parts of England, a report by the Commons communities and local government committee says.

So now we've had confirmation that immigration brings no real benefit economically and causes considerable harm practically - what do you think they will do about it? A clamp down on numbers coming into this country? A speedy process to get rid of illegal immigrants, health tourists and foreign criminals masquerading as "persecuted minority"?

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Instead I expect there to be a major campaign of left wing propaganda to try and convince us that immigration is really really great and that we're all so much better off thanks to it.

The BBC has already started by turning , as it naturally tends to, to the left wings principal propaganda machine - the Institute for Public Policy Research.

But Dr Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah, of the Institute of Public Policy Research, said he was disappointed by the committee's "negative conclusion".

Sorry to hear that, mate - but have you ever heard the expression "don't shoot the messenger"? The committee's conclusion is reflecting what is called the "reality" as opposed to the sanitised propaganda that you and your "think tank" like to churn out.

"We're risking turning everything that migrants do into a problem and forgetting that they are dynamically contributing to the local economy and to the country because they are working and paying taxes," he said.

Except that the myth that they contribute dynamically to the economy has already been laid to rest, many of them do not work or pay taxes and many of those that do may have only done so for a short time but are already taking more out of the taxpayers purse than they are ever likely to put in.

I mean - take the NHS which we are told is one area where immigrants make a substantial contribution. Where do you think the money for the NHS comes from? Some magical pot of money that just appears? No - it comes from private sector tax payers.

If you take £25,000 out of that purse to pay someone and that person puts £5000 back in through taxes - do you think that is a net benefit or cost economically? Meanwhile, thousands of our home trained doctors and nurses are finding themselves unable to find a job in the country that trained them and are heading abroad to work.

Does anyone really think that spending thousands of pounds training doctors and nurses to work in the USA, Australia or NZ is a good deal for us? Does anyone really think that importing doctors and nurses that thrid world countries have spent much of their very limited budget training is a good deal for those countries?

It's about time someone got serious on this issue. It's not about "race" or "xenophobia" - it's about doing what is right for our country. Few people disagree that some form of limited and well managed immigration is both necessary and desirable - but only the loony left believe that allowing huge influxes of people from alien cultures to arrive and settle without any sort of effort made to manage or even count them is simply storing up problems for the future.

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