Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's propaganda - but at least they are honest about it

The Independent carries an interview with the cast and crew of the BBC's latest forthcoming socialist propaganda vehicle Burn Up.

Christopher Hall, the producer of Burn Up, which is going to hit the screens next week, admits that "the question we kept asking ourselves was, 'How do we make a sexy programme about CO2? It's a gas, for goodness' sake!' So we see this piece as a Trojan horse: we rivet viewers with good drama and smuggle the message in that way."

So there you go - the producer admits it is propaganda. Whether the programme is "sexy" (why sexy?) is yet to be determined, but at least he has the decency to come clean about the real purpose of his production - a "Trojan Horse" to "smuggle" in the message. Yep - that is propaganda folks.

As Hall admits, it is hard to get worked up about a colourless, odourless gas, but maybe if he considered the consequences of life without it - or rather, the lack of life without it - he might start to understand why his "message" is garbage.

The "thriller" is written by Simon Beaufoy - the man behind The Full Monty.

He says: "There isn't a more important issue in the world than global warming. Even the Cold War and the Bay of Pigs crisis were notional threats. A warming planet isn't a threat – it's happening. But I'm still aware that it's potentially a very dry subject. Dealing with a gas you can't see makes it very difficult for a writer. It's like writing Spooks without any terrorists."

Yeah - or like Spooks where the terrorists as portrayed on the screen bear no resemblance to the terrorists that really exist. Oh, wait - that's what happened. Rather than focus on the real terrorist culprits the programme made up their own - usually evangelical right wing "Christians" or Jews. So, Burn Up follows that tradition of ignoring the real danger in favour of a socialist approved one.

Balance? Impartiality? Reality? Or just pure unadulterated left wing propaganda?

Someone tell me again what the BBC is for and why we are forced to pay for it under threat of imprisonment?

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