Friday, July 25, 2008

Life is ......

I've seen a few blogs and commentators musing on the question of why conservatives tend to be happier than socialists.

As usual the social scientists have waded in with their various viewpoints wrapped up in impervious jargon and impenetrable waffle - but the reason why is actually very simple.

It's a question of attitude.

Left = life is so unfair.
Right = life is what you make it.

There you go. Question answered. No need for government grants and a four year study by social scientists who can't decide if their arse is their elbow.


lawrence Newman said...

YES!! That's the best definition of left- and right-wing I've seen. Exactly. I'm no political scientist, but I've been doing some research to try and get to grips with left- and right-wing definitions. Why is it that right-wing is regarded as fascist? Personally, I thought that left-wing would be the most fascist place on the political fence.

tianxinye said...
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