Friday, July 18, 2008

Life on Mars revisited

And so it begins.

Just as predicted, the unions are beginning to flex their muscles.

Trade Unions are to hand Gordon Brown a list of 130 demands as they increase the pressure on the Prime Minister to bow to more left wing policies.

While Labour was riding the economic stability inherited from Thatcher's reforms and a world wide boom (thanks largely to Reagan's reforms in the USA) they've been able to hold off these demands. They also bought off pressure by massively increasing the public sector to the delight of the unions.

Now that their economic mismanagement is being exposed to the cold hard light of recession the unions are set to up the ante.

Stagflation. Union power. Strikes. Oil crisis. Rising unemployment ...... we're heading back to the seventies .

Except the music won't be as good.


Anonymous said...

LOL - 70's music was largely gross - so retro and naff. It was okay though if you liked the 1950s. "Come On Baby Do The Juke Box Jive...", "Under The Moon Of Love", "Waterloo", etc, etc, etc.

Stan said...

"Largely gross"? David Bowie, Roxy Music, Led Zep, Queen, Marc Bolan and T-Rex, the fantastic glam rock era, the decade of the singer songwriter, the punk rock explosion, ska revival, classic r&b and the disco phenomenon .... largely gross?

Naff - occasionally, but no worse than today (Westlife, Crazy Frog, Fast Food Rockers anyone?). Retro? At times, but then again virtually all pop music is retro to some degree or another.

The seventies stands out as a time when pop music was more diverse than any time before or since (with the possible exception of the late sixties which also carried it's fair share of "naff" and "retro") and produced some of the greatest pop music standards ever to be recorded.

Henry North London said...

Well there is always Duffy