Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stand by for the knee jerk reaction

Following the day of carnage on our streets yesterday the government promise new measures to prevent knife crime by Monday. You can bet it will be ill thought out, designed to be populist rather than effective and aimed more at appeasing the media rather than tackling the real cause of knife crime - societal collapse.

I was also watching Home Office Minister, Tony McNulty, on the news yesterday telling us that these "new measures" are not a knee jerk reaction but part of a package of measures which the government began putting in place 2 years ago.

Yeah, right! So how come things are getting worse?

Funnily enough, the interviewer didn't ask that question, but if yesterday is an indication of the effectiveness of governments efforts over the last two years then the grisly death toll is set to rise still further.

More and more, the decent people will retreat from the streets and barricade themselves inside their homes - especially at night - which will lead to a statistical fall in the crime figures and back slapping all round in the Home Office and the PM crowing about how violent crime has fallen during PM's questions in the House of Commons.

All of which will be repeated endlessly by the BBC and the liberal media who will then feign surprise and dismay when the next bloodbath takes place, bringing yet another knee jerk reaction from the government and more infringements on the liberty of the ordinary person who just wants to live their life, bring up their children and go about their law abiding way without having to run gauntlets of intimidating youths, criminal gangs and feral children.

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