Friday, September 19, 2008

Forget the planet - it's Britain we need to worry about

I'm really sick and tired of hearing our politicians bleat on about how we have to do more to save the planet. Even if you buy into the crap about CO2 heating up the world (which I most certainly do not) - the belief that cutting Britain's economic throat by reducing our comparatively measly emissions would make any difference is clearly ludicrous.

Equally ridiculous is the idea that we should lead by example - as if whatever we do will have the slightest influence on the actions of the Chinese, Indian, Russian or US governments. It won't - except for them to take advantage of our economic suicide still further.

What makes it worse is that the planet, far from being sick and in need of our help, is doing pretty damn well thank you very much - it's the nation of Britain that is going to hell in a handcart.

What we need are politicians who will stop pandering to the environmental lobby and who are prepared to put this nation and its people above the unfounded and, frankly, preposterous concerns of the Environazis. We need to listen less to the deranged moonbats who pontificate about global warming in the pages of the Guardian and Independent and listen more to REAL conservationists who are rightly concerned about the desecration of OUR environment by wind farms, urban sprawl and industrial scale agriculture.

We need politicians who worry less about the polar bears in the Arctic and are more concerned about foreign fishing vessels rampaging through our fishing waters ravaging our fish stocks at the expense of our fishing industry.

Our politicians care less and less about doing what is right for this country and more about grandstanding on various global "issues". While they jostle to make names for themselves on the world stage the nation they are supposed to represent is falling apart. There is not a single politician in any of the three main parties who is prepared to stand up and say "I will put Britain first above all".

They are all a bunch of shameful poseurs.

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