Friday, September 26, 2008

How much lower can the left sink?

You wouldn't have thought the gutter hugging lefties could get any lower, but Tower Hamlets have reached new levels of bottom feeding and have chosen to name a new tower block after the notorious leader of a gang responsible for the murder of three policemen.

Peter Piaktow, known as Peter the Painter, was the leader of an anarchist gang responsible for the murder of three policemen which was cornered at the Siege of Sidney Street.

Nearly a century may have passed but the emotions caused by the Siege of Sidney Street have risen again over two commemorative plaques erected for Piaktow.

The plaques, on Peter House and Painter House in Whitechapel, read: 'This block was built in 2006 by Tower Hamlets Community Housing and named after Peter Piaktow, who was known as Peter the Painter, the anti-hero of the nearby Sidney Street Siege in 1911.'

Anti-hero? Since when was a police murdering scum an anti-hero? Could you imagine the left honouring other "anti-heroes" the same way? The "Fred West Refuge for Teenage Runaways", perhaps? The "Jack The Ripper Gynaecological Unit", maybe?

The attitude of the council chief fuckwit - sorry, executive - sums up the left and their love of revisionism.

Chief executive Mike Tyrell said: 'There is no evidence that Peter the Painter killed the three policemen, so we knew we were not naming the block after a murderer."

Actually, Mike, there obviously was "evidence" that he was a murderer which is why the police were trying to catch him. They don't just hold sieges for the sheer hell of it. Well, they didn't then even if they might do now. The fact he was never convicted of the murder owes more to the fact he was never actually caught - it doesn't mean he didn't do it!

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