Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm dreading of a white Christmas

For many people still clinging to the unproven and, frankly, unlikely hypothesis that man's CO2 emissions are causing the planet to warm up, our near neighbour in the solar system, Mars, has been an unwelcome supporter of the "warming is entirely natural" hypothesis.

You see, Mars, despite the absence of the man and his killer SUV, has been warming at exactly the same time in the same way as the earth. But the earth now appears to have entered a different phase and may indeed by cooling now - and many AGW supporters cling to the belief that this is just natural cooling masking the unnatural warming. Seriously - where do these people come from?

Unfortunately for the Canutists, it appears that Mars might also be cooling.

Nasa's Phoenix Mars Lander has found evidence suggesting there was once water at its polar landing site on Mars and detected snow falling from Martian clouds for the first time.

The fact that Earth and Mars appear to be going through warming and cooling phases at the same time should tell anyone with an ounce of common sense that AGW is not the driver here. The most likely culprit, given that warming and cooling seems to effect various planets in the solar system at roughly the same time, has got to be the sun - and the sun, rather annoyingly for AGW supporters, has been very quiet for the last year - and this appears to coincide with several parts of the planet going through very cold spells over the last year.

Few sunspots, little solar wind, a weakening magnetic field - all elements that correlate pretty well with various cold spells in the Earth's history. The last time the sun was this quiet was during the Little Ice Age when the Thames would regularly freeze over in winter - and, of course, it is the recovery from that Little Ice Age which has led to the warming over the last 100 years or so. A warming that is entirely within normal ranges and entirely attributable to natural causes.

Will the deceivers admit they were wrong? Will they admit the damage they have caused? Will we see the various raving Environazis writing their apologies in the Guardian? I doubt it - they will never admit they were wrong. Even if a new Little Ice Age does return they'll just say it "proves" global warming. It's a perverse inversion of the null hypothesis - instead of assuming that all climate changes are natural unless proven otherwise, the Canutists assert that all climate variation is man-made unless proven otherwise.

But their deception is unravelling before our eyes. The AGW scam is all but over. In the not too distant future we will be looking out across bleak winter landscapes and wondering why anyone thought warming was a bad thing - especially when our lack of reliable power generation becomes apparent and people are dying in droves as a result. Governments should be aware that they are going to be held to account for allowing us to be misled so completely.

This is going to lead to something of a revolution in politics. The people will see the way politicians have used this AGW scam to deceive them and to impose punitive measures on their lifestyles while utterly failing to perform the first duties of government. None of the old parties will survive this - they have all jumped into the same canoe, paddled up the same creek and chucked away their oars.

In ten years time Britain will be a very different place. Both the political and natural climate are a changing and it ain't gonna be pretty.

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