Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moslem only!

Anyone still in any doubt that the so called "multicultural" society is leading to certain "cultures" being given special treatment above that of the indigenous culture should look at this.

A grieving family have been prevented from holding a funeral service for a close relative at the weekend because they are not Muslim.

Sheffield City Council said it did not allow funerals to be held at weekends, except for Muslims because Islam deems that the dead must be buried as soon as possible.

Martin Green, senior bereavement services manager for Sheffield, said the council's policy was in line with that of other local authorities.

He said: "The council recognised the specific cultural and religious needs surrounding burial and has been offering an extended burial service to the Muslim community.

One rule for us - special treatment for Moslems. Welcome to England in the 21st century.

When are we going to wake up to what is happening to our nation? This has to stop. More than that - it needs to be reversed. No more "positive discrimination" no more "cultural sensitivity" - if people come to our nation they should respect our laws and our customs or go somewhere else.

Would you allow a guest in your home to rearrange the furniture, chuck out stuff they don't like, redecorate your bedroom to their taste? Of course not - so why do we think we have to be so bloody accommodating to foreign cultures in our home land?

Next time some dozy liberal tells you that we should do more to welcome foreign cultures - get their address, walk into their house and do what you want. They don't allow smoking? Tell 'em your culture requires you to smoke. They don't like you wiping your backside on their Egyptian cotton bath towels? Tell them your culture doesn't allow you to touch your arse with paper. See how they like it when their home is invaded by foreign ways - because that is what is happening here in England.

This has nothing to do with tolerance - it's about having backbone and not being spineless apologists. It's about having some pride in our own history and culture and restoring the confidence of our nation - a nation which has an unparalleled history of fairness, equality and tolerance.

Good God! When did we become so pathetic? How could a nation which stood firm and alone against the malevolent threat of Nazism and the might of National Socialist Germany have decayed so completely in such a short space of time?

Our current generation of politicians have betrayed us. Every one of them. They are not fit to govern - they never will be. If something doesn't change soon we will become a nation of subservience ruled by petty bureaucrats and jobsworths who are completely incapable of performing the first duties of government - to protect and preserve this nation, its people and its culture.

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