Thursday, October 02, 2008

Long live the King!

Over on The Times, Alice Miles blasts the "Fourth Estate" of which she is a member.

Instead of derision, the Tories have enjoyed deference. The Fourth Estate is in awe of the self-confident new political elite.

Fundamentally I agree with what she is saying - there has been no real scrutiny of Cameron's policies even though they are few and far between, but the "deference" displayed by the media is not one of awe - it is the deference of a creator admiring his latest creation. It is the same "deference" given to Blair - the previous darling of the media - and the same deference withdrawn from Brown.

When Edmund Burke looked at the press gallery in the House of Commons and said "'Yonder sits the Fourth Estate, and they are more important than them all" he understood that political confidence would come from having the backing of the media. The "new political elite" are chosen by the media and their self-confidence comes from knowing that they are the chosen ones of the fourth estate.

Alice Miles is right to criticise the deference - but it's 11 years too late. Fair enough, question the lack of critical analysis on Cameron, but where was all the critical analysis during the Blair years? Particularly before the election that swept him to power.

Cameron is enjoying the same free ride given to Blair - and it will end the same way. When the media decide they are bored with their latest plaything they will anoint their chosen one and crown him before the last king is dead.

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