Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mad or soft? How about both?

A judge, forced by sentencing guidelines to set free a man who terrorised a pregnant mother in her own home, has said that the public must think he is "mad or soft".

Recorder Shaun Smith said the public 'must think we've all gone mad or soft' as he let Dominic Wong walk free.

Actually, the public think you are mad and soft. Not this person in particular, but the liberal progressive elite which forms our government, the main opposition parties, the bulk of the media, rules the education establishments, the public sector and civil service institutions.

Yesterday we had Jack Straw moaning about this sort of thing, but it is he and his Orwellian named department, the Ministry of Justice, who are responsible for these "sentencing guidelines". Straw has the power to do something about it, but instead just moans about it in a speech as if it was something that happened without anything to do with him.

It has everything to do with him - him and the rest of the cultural Marxists who have deliberately sought to make this morality free society in which we now live. As long as the liberal progressives hold sway in all our cultural and political institutions nothing will change - except to get progressively worse.

Another liberal progressive who is starting to see the writing on the wall is the head of the similarly Orwellian titled Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips.

Britain risks a surge in Right-wing extremism if it fails to help its white working class weather the recession, the equalities chief will warn today.

Of course, what he actually means by "right-wing extremism" is that white working class might decide to kick out the progressive elite who have been vilifying them as racist scum for the last 40 years. Neither Phillips or Straw are genuine about what they say - they haven't suddenly become social conservatives over night. They are only saying it now because they realise that there is a growing ground swell of public opinion that is saying "enough is enough".

The British people are not extremist - nor is the right wing extremist. They are just fed up with the way the ruling elite have ignored them for generations. The liberal progressive experiment has been going on for 50 years and has failed in every measure of government and national performance. Fifty years of left wing extremism has left our education system in ruins, health care among the worst in the developed world, the criminal justice system wrecked and the people more divided than they have probably ever been.

This is the beginning of the end for progressive liberalism. They have ten years left - tops. By the election after this next one they will be in retreat. The left wing extremists of the Labour and Tory parties will have to form a coalition to prevent the right wing parties from forming government.

By the election after they will be out in the political wilderness.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for your (attractive) theory, by the election after next, the result won't matter in the least, because by then everything will be decided in Brussels, which has an inbuilt progressive-liberal-elite bias.