Friday, October 17, 2008

The missing link?

Police are investigating apparent links between terrorism and a liking for child porn.

A link between terrorism plots and hardcore child pornography is becoming clear after a string of police raids in Britain and across the Continent, an investigation by The Times has discovered. Images of child abuse have been found during Scotland Yard antiterrorism swoops and in big inquiries in Italy and Spain.

It seems they are not sure whether the jihadis do this because they like child porn or as a way of "hiding secret messages" - though the latter seems like an odd thing to do to me. If you wanted to avoid suspicion and investigation by the police why on earth would you use a child porn site?

British security sources confirmed that such a link had been discovered in several cases. They noted the contradiction between people supposedly devoted to theocracy and Islamic fundamentalism and their use of child pornography. “It shows that these people are very confused,” a source said.

No shit. Who'd have thought that people intent on committing mass murder wouldn't be perfectly balanced individuals. Thank God we have people like this "source" protecting us. We can sleep soundly knowing that the brightest sparks are looking after us. The same source also came up with this gem of a comment.

Here they are hating Western decadence but actually making use of it and finding that they enjoy this stuff.

I'm not sure that kiddie fiddling is exclusively decadence of Western origin - in fact, don't these people follow a prophet who had a 9 year old wife? Of course they bloody enjoy it! Not to be outdone in the brightness stakes, the Tory push their own spokeswoman to the fore.

Baroness Neville-Jones, Conservative security spokeswoman and former chairwoman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, said: “The information about a possible link between extremism and child pornography potentially provides useful insight into three things: the methods that extremists use to communicate; the methods they use to target vulnerable people in society; and the techniques they seek to use to conceal their online activities.”

What about number 4 - that these people may be sick, twisted weirdos? How's this for the clincher.

The key case that tipped off the security services to a plausible link involved the “Whitechapel Rapist”, Abdul Makim Khalisadar.

Women hating, kiddy fiddlers? Who'd have thought it.

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JuliaM said...

"If you wanted to avoid suspicion and investigation by the police why on earth would you use a child porn site?"

You wouldn't. You'd use LolCat pictures, or viral video of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, of course...