Friday, October 03, 2008

One hundred days

Britain's energy supply capability is now so perilously thin that the blackouts could begin in just over one months time.

The blackouts could began as early as the week commencing November 10, for which the National Grid has warned “that the margin of spare capacity could be as slim as 0.8 gigawatts - the equivalent of one mid-sized coal-fired power station or the electricity consumed by a city the size of Nottingham.”

As the article points out, when there is no energy, there is nothing. No heating, no lighting, no manufacturing, no business - nothing. If you think the credit crunch is worrying, wait till the energy crunch hits us.

Contrary to the belief that the world is on an unstoppable warming path, I believe that the world is set to be plunged into a prolonged cold spell and Britain could experience one of its coldest winters for years. Energy demand will exceed supply by far and people will die as a consequence. This is not some far off scenario - not in the next hundred years or even one hundred months, but within the next one hundred days.

When the energy crunch strikes - as it will - remember who put us in this position; the environmentalists and "green" lobby.

They will have a lot to answer for.

Make sure they know it.


JuliaM said...

That's scary stuff!

Especially when, per this post at Freeborn John, global 'warming' seems to be reversing somewhat...

Stan said...

I've been following the global warming scare for some years now - and I believe it will diminish over the coming years. The sun appears to be going into an unusually quiet phase and quiet phases of the sun always mean very cold periods here on earth.

Our politicans have swallowed the green lobby's bullshit so much they have failed to plan properly for our nations needs in terms of energy supply. We are all going to pay very very dearly for that - all of us in hard cash, many with their lives. On earth, cold climate always kills more than warm climate.

TheFatBigot said...

As a fellow observer of the greatest fraud in history it was with deep despair that I heard of the addition of "Climate Change" to the name of a government department.