Monday, October 27, 2008

Ross and Brand: Talentless gutter scum

The BBC forces us to hand over our money under pain of imprisonment so that it can pay two foul mouthed, braggarts ridiculous sums of our cash to harass and embarrass an elderly man who has done them no harm.

There can be no excuse for this. If this is "entertainment" you can keep it, but don't expect me to be forced to pay for it.

I'm not paying for the licence fee again until these two obnoxious pillocks have been sacked and publicly humiliated in the way they sought to publicly humiliate Andrew Sachs.

Ross and Brand - you are utter scum.

We should organise a boycott of the BBC generally and these two in particular. If they are on the radio - turn it off. If they are on TV, turn it off. Have nothing to do with them.

The BBC should be ashamed. Nothing less than a complete and grovelling apology, the sacking of all senior editorial staff who were involved in allowing this to go ahead followed by the public shaming of these two talentless morons is sufficient.

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Lucy said...

The idiots have now been suspended by the bbc