Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The sick and twisted mind of social services

The Telegraph reports that at least seven children have been taken away from their parents and placed into care because social services deemed that they were too fat.

Earlier this month, Tam Fry, a member of the National Obesity Forum's board, told a conference that youngster over-fed by their parents should be treated as victims of abuse, as happens with malnourished children.

Another bloody quangocrat deciding how we should live our lives and bring up our children. I'd be interested to know just how many malnourished children have been taken into care recently? Only a social servant could find the two comparable. And of course, like all social services creeps, Fry justifies ripping children away from their parents and families by saying it's "for the children".

Mr Fry said: "It is drastic but it's a long-term therapy. For the sake of the children it does need to be done because we have got children who are horrendously fat." (My italics).

We've got social servants who are horrendously stupid as well. Who's gonna save the kids from them? If you are seriously worried about causing long term damage to a child then the last thing you should be considering is taking them away from their parents. It's also well established as a fact that children do best when brought up by a married mum and dad in a traditional family unit where mum stays home to look after the kids and dad goes to work - but that hasn't stopped social liberals making it easier for parents to split and mums to abandon their children to strangers while they go to work.

This is the sick twisted collective mind of social services. They and their liberal progressive colleagues have wrought havoc on this nation with their Marxist ideas and authoritarian ways, but they refuse to accept it. When the revolution comes - as it will - these people will need to be winkled out of the fabric of our society along with their ideas. The enormity of the task is frightening, but if Britain is to recover as a nation it is necessary.

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