Monday, October 06, 2008

Some good news

The Black Police Association (no hint of discrimination there, then) has announced it will actively discourage black and Asian recruits from joining the Metropolitan Police.

The MBPA said it would "actively discourage" potential applicants from applying to join the Metropolitan Police and boycott any recruitment drives targeting minorities.

It claimed the working environment for existing black staff within the force was "a hostile atmosphere where racism is allowed to spread".

Which is kind of odd, seeing how black or Asian police officers are promoted five times faster than their white colleagues in the Met according to the BBC lunchtime news.

The MBPA said the current suspensions of Commander Ali Dizaei and Britain's most senior Muslim officer, Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, were proof that ethnic minority officers were treated less favourably than white staff.

Or maybe it proves that black and Asian police officers are often agenda driven troublemakers? Seriously, the only people the Met should want in its ranks are those who want to be there and are capable of meeting the entrance requirements and promotion should be based on merit not race, religion or gender. If some people think that's unfair then they ought to look elsewhere for employment.

There are plenty of opportunities for agenda-driven hustlers in other public bodies.

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