Friday, October 10, 2008

The Tories have given up on conservatism

Actually they gave up conservatism some years ago, but now they are coming out of the closet and admitting it.

Many Conservative MPs have travelled a similar journey over the past few months - a journey most of us thought we could never make, and a journey that has resulted in a decision to break the habit of a lifetime and declare our support for the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama.

It's a journey I personally felt the majority of Cameron supporters had already made. To be fair, Dale sort of implies that, but is only now prepared to come clean and admit he's fallen on the progressive side of the fence. Perhaps the most worrying and wearying thing is what one Tory MP, Richard Spring, cites as the reason for the conversion to Obama inspired progressive socialism.

"He sends out a signal of change."

Yeah? Well, so did Lenin, Hitler and Pol Pot and where did that "change" take us?

I think the Tories need to relearn what the word "conservatism" means.

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