Monday, November 10, 2008

Bin Laden in Slough!

There are so many they clutter the pavements making the walk to school a combination of chicanes between them and the cars half parked on the pavements with frequent incursions into the road where the moving cars show little regard for pedestrians whatever age they are.


Wheelie bins - what did you think I was on about?

Yep, we're now laden with wheelie bins in Slough. Virtually every household has two - often three. We have red ones for recycling and black bins for everything else - plus an optional green one for garden waste.

The mornings remind me of something out of Doctor Who with alien looking machines patrolling the streets - all they need is to start spying on us and their leaders to demand that "you will obey" - oh, wait ..... they already do.

It wouldn't be so bad if the dustmen were like they were back in the days when the council worked for us rather than vice versa. Back then they used to come and collect your bin from wherever you left it and then put it back there after - and they did that usually before most of us were out and about. All we had to do was remember to leave them a Christmas box and they'd be happy.

Ah well - I guess that's progress for you. Personally, I could have done without it.

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