Thursday, November 27, 2008

I give up!

Britain has just become too daft for words anymore.

Police are to hand out flip-flops to drunken women to help them walk home safely.

The footwear will be paid for by £30,000 worth of funding secured from the Home Office by Safer Communities Torbay.

When taxpayers money is being used to provide flip flops to drunk women, you know your nation is fucked.


JuliaM said...

Oh, yeah, this was a corker. I've scheduled a rant for tomorrow - was too depressed to post it today on top of everything else.. ;(

TheFatBigot said...

When I read this I just sat here with my mouth open. What on earth is happening? Someone somewhere must have considered this idea and taken a positive decision to go ahead with it. It's just so utterly, toe-curlingly absurd. £30,000 - a whole teacher for a whole year in return for flip flops for drunks. No, it can't be real. Please Mr Stan, tell me it isn't real.

Dark City said...

The trend of insulating people from personal responsibility continues!

It's absolutely amazing that a city can cry poverty while at the same time spending money on helpful programs such as this.