Thursday, November 06, 2008

An iceberg? Full steam ahead!

When I first saw this post title, I thought for a minute that Iain Dale was going to be critical of David Cameron. Now that would be a first! He wasn't, but these are interesting stats.

Of course we are all looking for the lessons British politicians can draw from what happened on Tuesday. The one thing which struck me from Cooper's presentation was the answer given to this question in exit polls:Do you think the country is heading in the right direction?

15 % said yes and 85% said no.

When you ask the same question in this country the result is almost identical. 17% say yes and 83% no.

So what lessons do you think British politicians can learn from this? Iain is pretty sure.

If I were David Cameron I would take great comfort from that.

Why? Cameron is another liberal progressive and his policies - what we've seen of them - are just the same as we've been following for the last forty or fifty years. Just more of the same liberal progressive crap. He isn't offering or even advocating a change in direction, just a change in who is captain of the good ship Britain.

It's also interesting that the US poll was an exit poll. In other words, even after the yanks had voted and were almost certain to elect Obama, they still believed the country was not heading in the right direction. Hardly surprising when they've just voted in the most left wing President ever - one with connections to terrorist organisations, black power racist movements and a very very dubious past.

The remarkable thing is that Cameron is seen by many conservatives as being something of a Trojan Horse - i.e. once he gets into Number 10, he'll lose his liberal progressive cloak and reveal the true blue Tory beneath. He won't - he isn't. Obama, however, is much more likely to revert to his socialist past now he is President - especially with the Democrats dominating both houses.

The future is bleak for Britain, but it's even worse for America.

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