Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm just tired of this argument

I like his blog, but don't agree with everything Guido Fawkes says. I particularly despise this recycled garbage.

Anyone who believes in free markets and free trade has to believe as a corollary in the free movement of people.

Why? Leaving aside the fact that there is no such thing as a free market (and there hasn't been for centuries) or even free trade - why would the corollary be free movement of people? We've had "free markets" and "free trade" for much of the 20th century without free movement of people. There has always been immigration, but it was always managed not "free" - .i.e. there were restrictions on it. It's like saying if you believe in free trade you must believe in free love or free health care or free lunches. It's bollocks.

This latest regurgitating of this outdated socialist doctrine is in response for Boris Johnson's call for an amnesty for illegal immigrants. To use the argument of Guido - how can anyone who believes in the rule of law encourage rewarding criminals for successfully avoiding detection by the law for so long?

No amnesty - not now, not ever.

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