Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pot calls kettle black - demands colour change for kettle

The Communities Secretary (does what, exactly?) Hazel Blears is complaining in today's Telegraph that there are too many "career politicians".

"Increasingly we have seen a 'transmission belt' from university activist, MPs' researcher, think-tank staffer, special adviser, to Member of Parliament and ultimately to the front bench."

Ms Blears, of course, had a "real" job.

Ms Blears, who had a career as a local government solicitor before becoming an elected politician ..... [my italics]

Right - no career politician then. Seriously, she has a heck of a nerve to complaining about others when she has spent her entire life in the world of politics. I don't disagree with what she is saying, I just don't believe that a career politician like Blears is best placed to complain about career politicians.

Personally, I believe that nobody should even be allowed to stand as an MP unless they have spent a minimum of 10 years working in the private sector or, if they have worked in the public sector, in one of the services such as the police, air force, army or navy. My personal bugbear is the lack of military experience in either party.

While military experience is not necessarily required to understand foreign policy it is essential to understand military strategy and requirements. With both front benches predominantly filled with bean counters and lawyers with very little real world experience it is not surprising that you end up with a government incapable of thinking outside their own, very narrow, mindset.

Blears is right - we need fewer career politicians. I suggest she resigns and starts the ball rolling.

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