Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quote of the day

From the ever excellent House of Dumb in relation to Baby P and social services.

Social workers have totally assimilated the cultural Marxist view of the world as an endless battle between the oppressed and oppressors. Anybody who can make a plausible claim for victimhood, such as ethnic minorities, junkies, the deranged or just members in good standing of the underclass, are, by definition, victims. Meanwhile, everybody knows that the traditional family is by definition an abusive environment, especially if there's a danger of the children being exposed to Christianity.

Why can't we get similarly astute and acerbic comment from the MSM instead of the drivel we have to put up with? Thank God for blogging!


spqr said...

I quite agree Stan.
Bloggers arguments have converted me from a guardian-reading bleeding-heart liberal-lefty, into a blog-reading libertarian-righty.
(...with able assistance from obnoxious cultural marxists and identity group hustlers)

Stan said...

Welcome back to the right side of life then, spqr ;)

spqr said...

I wonder how many have moved in the other direction?
Not many i would guess, if the gaurdian's CiF is the flagship of the lefty blogoshere.