Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why we must get rid of the Human Rights Act

An illegal immigrant who mowed down a brilliant Oxford graduate and writer while driving illegally can't be deported because it would breach his "human right" to family life.

Ahsan Sabri, 28, was unlicensed and not properly insured when he roared through a red light and ploughed into Oxford University graduate Sophie Warne.

But the High Court overturned an immigration tribunal decision that Sabri - who had overstayed his visa - should be sent home to Pakistan.

The judge ruled that deporting him would breach his right to 'respect for family life' as he had married a British woman in 2003 and had a daughter, born last May, with her.

Even if we put aside the fact that Sabri showed absolutely no respect for Ms Warne's right to a family life this is a decision that defies belief. Sabri's wife made a free choice to marry an illegal immigrant - that was her decision and she should live by the consequences of that decision which includes the possibility that he would be deported.

Once again we have the courts making decisions which are contrary to the wishes of the British people, go against all the principles of British law and make a mockery of any claims by this government that it will get tough with illegal immigrants.

The only way we can prevent this systemic abuse of our law is to repeal the Human Rights Act as a matter of urgency. It was never needed in Britain anyway and has done nothing to improve British law or the everyday lives of Britons. All it does is provide a "get out of jail free" clause for the illegal and the feckless.

Labour won't do it, the Tories won't do it and the Lib Dems certainly never would. When will one of our main political parties stand up and say we will do what is right for Britain"?

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