Friday, December 19, 2008

Now he decides to say something?

I really have lost my faith in the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams. Despite his half-hearted "attack" on abortion earlier this week (like being savaged by a gummy bear) I've lost patience with his liberal left world view and his inability to speak out at the right time about the right issues for the church. And now - of all times - he decides to get into a spat with the PM over the credit crunch!

The Prime Minister delved into the New Testament to deliver a surprising riposte to Dr Rowan Williams, who had likened the Government's plans to boost spending to an “addict returning to the drug”.

[Williams] suggested that the credit crunch was a welcome “reality check” for a society that had become driven by unsustainable greed.

The thing is, why wasn't Williams saying more about this "unsustainable greed" before the crunch happened? Or if he was - why wasn't he saying it more loudly and insistently? It's all very well criticising the "addict returning to the drug", but why wasn't he criticising the addict for taking the bloody drug in the first place?

It's been apparent for years that we've been living on a credit bubble that was bound to burst eventually. Regardless of what those so-called financial experts tell us, you can not keep shifting your debt around credit suppliers indefinitely - sooner or later they are going to want their money back and that time has come.

The worst culprit in all of this has been our government which has been spending money recklessly for years without any significant impact to the much vaunted "public services". There certainly hasn't been any improvement round my way - schools are crappier, hospitals filthier, waste collection lousier and the high streets more run down than ever.

While decent folk lock themselves in their homes after dark, drunken yobs own the streets - shouting, fighting, puking and pissing - and the response of our authorities is to hand out goody bags with free flip flops to these disgusting individuals. And Williams says nothing.

He's been saying nothing for years about the issues that matter to ordinary people as he has been so busy supporting his favourite liberal left causes - single mothers, teenage killers, women vicars, junkies, gay clergy, special rights for Moslems, equal rights for Albanian lesbians - you name it, he'll support it as long as it isn't conventional Christian morality.

But now he decides to criticise government policy? Too late, you phony!

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